Artist’s  Statement

am an artist painter and born in Nagasaki,Japan in1974.I think what human feel something beautiful is the most beautiful thing.we can feel the existence we can’t see but can feel certainly from something we can see in the course of the normal day.I hope my works be the equipment to joint the observer with me as embodying the  sense of that time.And by expressing that, I want to indicate the more simple direction as the future vision of human beings including me.I work feeling I want to get back something in human lost many things and will lose more.I hope I will exhibit extensively in Japan and international exhibitions.

Text  About  My  Works

Recently,healing and love is one of the my work’s theme.Love is not only emotional things ,but also sensory things that we can feel all of lives in this world fills in beautiful existences.That love requiring nothing in return lead to healing and new love again.