Artist’s  Statement

am an artist painter and born in Nagasaki,Japan in1974.I think what human feel something beautiful is the most beautiful thing.we can feel the existence we can’t see but can feel certainly from something we can see in the course of the normal day.I hope my works be the equipment to joint the observer with me as embodying the  sense of that time.And by expressing that, I want to indicate the more simple direction as the future vision of human beings including me.I work feeling I want to get back something in human lost many things and will lose more.I hope I will exhibit extensively in Japan and international exhibitions.

Text  About  My  Works

My recently works are composed of colored surfaces and lines.But that colored surfaces hardly have any shapes, and that lines are not for expressing shapes but for almost setting down a territory of that colored surfaces and for giving a countenance to that colored surfaces in order to be formed that composed colored surfaces as a painting.So, that colored surfaces are made use of a characteristic of oil painting. I produce my works giving a tension to a canvas course of composition of the different texture such as weight and light, such as transparency and opacity, like a collage. And I also produce my works to head for one direction giving a flesh sense like a watercolor painting to leave space. I deepen the significant existence to make variations of my works.